Getting Started

  1. Click on the "My Profile" tab above and update your public profile information.
  2. Upload a recent picture of yourself. Avoid group shots since other members won't know you from your best friend! The web is full of great resources for taking good pictures, like here, here and here. If you have trouble uploading your pictures, click the "Contact" link to the left and let us know what's happening and we'll walk you through it.
  3. Add additional details about yourself: Favorite books, movies, hobbies, etc. will let people get acquainted with you. Remember that all premium members can see your "public profile" so don't divulge details you'd rather only share with Friends.
  4. Click "My Messages" and check for any new messages. Send a message to me (Richard) and say "Hello!"
  5. Check the "Friends List Status" box to the right and see if you have any "pending received requests." This means that premium members would like to become your Friend. Click and see who they are. You can accept them as Friends or ignore the request. You decide.
  6. Click the "Browse Members" tab at the top and look for potential Friends from among the premium membership. Click the "View" link to the right to learn more about the person. Under the "Friends List" section, you can view the member's other Friends and click "Add" under Friends Actions to request he or she be your Friend.
  7. Read some of the articles and comment whenever you have something to add to the conversation. You can also suggest new topics by clicking the "Contact" link to the left or sending a message to Richard.
  8. Tell your friends about so we can help them make new friends too! Just click the "Invite Your Friends" link on the left side and follow the instructions.

We have enabled comments for this page so please point out ways to make these instructions more helpful. Thanks!


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